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Perez Contractors and Civils is a company and projects solution business. Perez Contractors provides exceptional quality products and services to clients, municipalities, repair and maintenance divisions and individuals of South Africa.


Our vision is to be the most ideal partner in the provision of innovative construction solutions in South Africa. Our mission is to provide on time, high quality and reliable construction services through innovation and business excellence.


Allow Perez Contractors & Civils to help you make your home or business a showpiece like you have always dreamed of. Contact the specialists Perez for quotes on any of the following requirements be it domestic, commercial and industrial and we are there:

  • Paving
  • Precast walls
  • Tiling
  • Terra-force blocks
  • Kerbing
  • Garden walls
  • Civil related works e.g building, plumbing etc
  • We are a dedicated team focusing on efficiency and reliability. We have many years of experience with a proven track-record of satisfied customers in Southern Africa. We attribute our success to our highly skilled and dedicated workforce. Our workmanship is of highest standard and we pride ourselves on our customer service which is second to none. With us your guarantee is granted!


    It is advisable to have your paving installed by a professional company. If you have an existing paving it will need to be lifted and rubbles taken away. The area that will be paved needs to be levelled and compressed. Perez has the right equipment for a job like this and we will work as efficient as possible to get the job done in time. We have the right skill to lay the pavers for any design on the bricks you might have in mind. We ensure that the pavers are correctly aligned in order and well interlocked to produce the perfect sequence and designs that our clients require.

    We do residential and commercial paving. We are pleased to be able to offer our clients with the latest world class designs and colours in different types of pavers at low prices.  We offer a variety of colours and style to match your pathways and pool surrounding areas, whatever job you have in mind, we can do it for you. We also do repairs and maintenance for your paving. At Perez we are cost-effective and efficient in our services. Contact us today for a paving quote that suits your needs.



  • Paving is visually appealing to your home.
  • Paving is much cleaner than gravel driveways which collect dirt and other debris.
  • Paving can be easily cleaned.
  • Paving stones can be easily replaced when damaged.
  • There are a variety of pavers, designs, texture and colours to choose from that will match the style of your home or business.
  • Paving maybe done in a way that directs water to the drains.



    Our experience encompasses all aspects of precast walls and we are well equipped to advise and assist you with any of the following walling needs you might have.
    Services include: Patterned precast walls, plastered precast, new walling, wall extensions, walls repairs and painting. We also do customized walls to meet your different needs.
    One of the most important external feature of any household or business property is the precast walls. We tend to forget that this feature forms part of the overall property and it deserves attention.

    Precast walls add to the overall aesthetics of the main dwelling and form the first line of defense in the overall security system of the property. Exterior precast walls are one of the important features of homes.  In recent years they have become increasingly popular due to the prevailing harsh security climate.  The days of open gardens are long past.
    Surrounding walls demarcate the boundary of one's property as well as adding an aesthetic quality. A visitor to one's home has certain expectations of the sort of life style of the occupant, when he looks onto the outside wall of the stand.
    Most people, when they think of enclosing their property, think first of security and then privacy.  
    A wide choice of pre-cast walls is available.  These materials include face brick (chip brick), concrete and steel.  Interesting combinations of these products are much in evidence around the suburbs.


    Advantages of precast/vibracrete walls

  • Precast face brick walls are maintenance free and they block out the sound from nearby highways and motorways.
  • The use of different heights and patterns avoids possible monotony, are quick to construct and can be painted to the colour of one's choice.
  • Can be designed in a way that passers-by can be seen, which has an inhibiting effect on intruders.
  • It also gives a softer vista by showing the facade of the house behind it.
  • Plants and pre-cast walls have a wonderful reciprocal relationship to one another.  Plants help walling to become more a part of the landscape by softening the stern lines of the structure.


    Perez Contractors and Civils have skilled tilers that make sure you are satisfied with the style and design you have chosen for your tiling project and are pleased to make any modifications to the initial plan if required. From the tiling site’s preparation to the final job clean up, we consult with you at every stage of the project to ensure that you are completely happy with the standard and quality of the workmanship.


    Our excellent tiling reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity.


    We tile the following; floors, patios, garages, bathrooms, walls for both residential and commercial clients. If you plan on using Ceramics, Porcelain, Travertine, Slate or Granite we are the perfect team for your job at very competitive prices.



  • Most people are looking for that harder, more durable surface when they decide to install tile. Two tile options in particular—ceramic and porcelain—are known for their resilience and long-lasting characteristics. Most tiles, however, will last for many years if cared for properly. This includes a proper installation and careful cleaning with non-abrasive, non-acidic products.
  • When it comes to finding the right tile flooring, you'll have a wide range of options in terms of colour and style. Tile floors can also help preserve your indoor air quality. Tile is fired in high-temperature kilns, meaning it carries little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can contribute to a wide variety of health problems. If your tile floors are glazed, they require very little maintenance. Tile is also great at withstanding water, spills, and pet accidents, if it is sealed correctly. Soap and water will clean up any spill, and a lot of the grouts on the market are 100 percent stain-resistant.
  • Before choosing your new tile flooring, be sure to measure your room accurately. Then work with a specialist like Perez Contractors to turn your flooring plan into reality.


    Kerbs (raise or flat edging) are typically used on the edge of roads and side-walks.  The profile (shape) and height of kerbs vary according to the application.
    While homeowners and businesses do set aside money to remodel and improve homes and buildings, a bulk of it goes to interior design and purchasing new furniture and decor. Sadly, people tend to neglect the exterior of their homes, choosing to delegate it as a last priority. What they don’t know is, a little kerbing or repair servicing, for example, can go a long way, not only in making their homes and offices more presentable, but raising the property value as well. If you’ve never thought about how Kerbing appeal’s effect on your property, now is the right time to start.
    Kerbing is something you shouldn’t scoff at, even if you are not out to impress. It’s your property’s facade or how it looks from the outside. It pays to have a company that does anything from garden kerbing to landscape repairs. Even a simple garden bed edging can make quite a difference in your home At Perez we use a range of precast concrete kerbs for use as an edge restrain in the construction of roads footpaths, parking areas and various applications. These kerbs are produced using the high pressure and vacuum dewatering method. Vibro kerbs are manufactured to the highest standards, providing you with a top quality product. Our kerbs are available across a range of designs to suit all your needs. 


    Advantages of kerbing:

  • Kerbing brings a great visual appeal and adds value to your property as a home owner. A beautiful exterior can make you the envy of your neighbors, but they’ll also thank you for raising the neighborhood’s overall land value because of it. Even if you don’t invite guests over, a nice exterior counts. It’s the first thing home buyers see when they look at a property and influence their first impressions in a major way.
  • Kerbing is a versatile product that provides both a neat finish as well as practical uses.  The most obvious function of kerbs is to guide storm water to catchment structures and precision measurements are required to ensure that no puddles are formed.
  • Kerbing brings better business. While kerbing can make a home more pleasing to the eye, for a business it is quite mandatory if you want your company to grow. After all, business is all about appearances, not just when it comes to your brand, but also your offices. No self-respecting investor, client or partner would want to transact business with a company whose offices look like they’ve been neglected. Interior decors is good, but remember that first impressions count. Some concrete garden edging and a little greenery can make your offices less daunting and more welcoming to customers, clients and partners.
  • We offer a range of services including road and pathway kerbing. With our extensive experience and knowledge about kerbing you can be rest assured that Perez will make your property a dream come true for your by bringing out the natural beauty of your home or office.

    We offer a range of services including road and pathway kerbing. With our extensive experience and knowledge about kerbing you can be rest assured that Perez will make your property a dream come true for your by bringing out the natural beauty of your home or office.

    Terraforce blocks

    Perez Contractors and Civils adapted the hollow, flexible interlocking concrete block that is unmatched in its versatility, both in application and elevation. This is suitable for commercial and residential landscape retaining walls, small or large.


    The wide range of plantable retaining wall blocks is tailored to create environmentally friendly domestic or industrial installations and to support sustainable development in soil stabilization. Walls can range from light gravity retaining walls to geogrid reinforced earth-retaining or heavy gravity, double skin walls.


    Advantages of Terraforce:

  • A living wall: The unique hollow-core design allows you to make plants a part of your wall and allows water to drain back into the ground. Use low-water-use plants to create a landscape that’s sustainable. Plant growth also deters graffiti.
  • Durability: Concrete will not rot and weaken over time, and no chemical preservatives are required. Blocks can be replaced if damage occurs.
  • Mortar less and interlocking systems: The units are simply stacked up without mortar to provide a cost effective, do-it-yourself system. Can be used for light revetment cladding, medium-to-heavy gravity retaining walls, heavy duty composite walls in combination with earth reinforcing grids (fabrics) or reinforced concrete infill.
  • Layout tractability: The half-moon interlock easily handles convex and concave curves, and the wall angle can vary from vertical to shallow slopes. Create steps by reversing the block.
  • Colours and textures: choose between round, straight or rock face finish. Consult with us about available colours our supplier have.
  • Easy to use: The blocks are lightweight for easy delivery, handling and installation, yet heavy in mass when filled with soil, gravel, or concrete. Fence and handrail posts can be set within blocks.